LIVIZ vodka est. 1897


Producer of high quality russian vodka since 1897.


The beginning of vodka production in St. Petersburg is connected with the name of Peter the Great. That time vodka was produced mainly in distilleries of nobility and the demand of young capital of the whole Empire was satisfied.

In the beginning of the last century there were over ten private and state distillers in St. Petersburg. Most kinds of vodka made there were known for their high quality and excellent taste.

1894 became a landmark for this industry – the state monopoly on vodka was introduced. It toughened requirements to the production method and enterprises rectification equipment and up-to date steam engines. Totally 353 vine warehouses which were controlled be Russian ministry of Finance were constructed.

The warehouse located in former Kalashnikovskaya embankment (present Sinopskaya), 56/58 since 1897 marked number one in this list. The distillery had the most up-to-date equipment. It started to apply the best traditions and achievements of St. Petersburg distillers in beverage producing along with the newest technology.

The very first years brought success to the factory – it became the imperial court supplier. St. Petersburg vodka was sold like hot cakes in domestic market as well as abroad.

After the First World War and the “Dry law” the plant resumed operation only in 1923 as the Vodka distilling Plant No. 1 and later as Leningrad liquor and vodka plant.

Since the beginning of 1960 the enterprise was the leader of the vodka distiller industry concerning technologies, equipment and volume of production, the quality of which gained international recognition.

Up to now this enterprise carrying the name LIVIZ – is one of the greatest distilleries in Russia.

In 1990 further equipment modernization implementation all modern scientific breakthroughs in the field of filtration process took place in LIVIZ. That guarantees vodka crystal purity.

Now LIVIZ produces its beverages in two enterprises: in St. Petersburg and in Leningradskaya oblast, Vsevolojsk. Both distilleries are supplied with up-to-date equipment, natural raw materials, high quality spirits and soft water.

LIVIZ production high quality got recognition at the numerous international exhibitions taking place in St. Petersburg, Moscow and abroad. Foreign customers are well acquainted with its production as well. Many kinds of product were awarded in international exhibitions in Bern, Brussels, Leipzig.

The forth part of the total production is exported to the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany.

It’s not a mere chance that in 1996 the IDV/UDV company and later on “Roust international Commerce and trade” after carrying research in the dozens of distilleries have chosen LIVIZ for producing their world famous products “Smirnoff” and “Russian standard”. Nowadays LIVIZ is the only distillery through former USSR where the said vodka brands production is being carried out.

Group of companies LIVIZ provides sports and cultural events sponsorship: aquabike world championship, tennis tournament “St. Petersburg Open”, concerts of Darren Hayes, Dave Gahan, Robert Plant and other world stars.

Nowadays LIVIZ produces the following well-known trademarks: “Diplomat”, “Golden Moscow”, “Saint-Petersburg”, “Sinopskaya”, “Pyatizvezdnaya”.

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